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Full-Stack or UI Software Developer, eCom and Digital Services, for K Group

Full-stack OR UI/FE-focused software developer, all levels (junior to senior guru)

Are you a dynamic, commercially inclined innovator bursting with ideas and capable of solution-focused thinking? Can you easily navigate between different businesses and constantly seek new ways to improve the customer service experience? Are you at home in the digital world and able to turn technology to your advantage?

Come join our inspiring crew as an eCom and digital services full-stack OR UI/FE-focused software developer and unleash your imagination and creativity! We’re looking for enthusiastic, passionate software developers at all levels to join a well-established team, building B2B eCommerce and digital services on web and mobile - so, if you're the type who love's making great apps and services that people love to use, and love doing it in a top-performing, agile, lean team, please get in touch.

What we expect from you:

Personality and profile

• you have proven experience of developing complex, business-critical software applications from the ground up, in either front end or back end
• you speak and write English well, and are naturally open and communicative
• you are assertive and self-motivated, and love technology - you are always looking to develop your skills and take advantage of new technology and development methods to make cool, new products that you are proud of and people love to use
• you love working as part of a powerful, well-performing, co-located team and actively collaborate with other team members – developers, product owners, designers, testers, business stakeholders - to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts
• you are trusting of other team members, are a natural knowledge-sharer and are eager to teach, and learn from, others
• hopefully, you have experience developing eCommerce solutions or multi-channel digital services, although this is not a necessity
• you are very used to working agile, and have experience with Scrum, Kanban or other lean, agile methods


If you are applying for a UI/front-end orientated role, you have good experience and knowledge of most, if not all, of the front-end must-haves below, as well as some of the back-end must-haves. If you are applying for a full-stack or more back-end orientated role, you will have most, or all, of the back-end must-haves, as well as some of the front-end. We are, interested in people with blended profiles, so if you have good coverage of many of the technologies in both categories, that is fine too.

If you are more of a junior profile, then our expectations towards how well or how deep you have coverage of these categories is more relaxed.

UI/front-end must-haves
• JavaScript
• Babel
• TypeScript
• React
• Testing frameworks
• State management, like Redux
• Webpack
• PostCSS

Back-end must-haves
• Java
• Java 11
• Spring
• SpingMVC
• Spring security
• Docker
• CI
• Jenkins
• Gradle

• Next.js
• CSS-in-JS libraries
• Contentful
• knowledge of WCAG accessibility requirements
• Cloudformation
• Serverless
• Ansible
• Nginx
• GraphQL
• Oauth
• NodeJs
• DNS routing
• Elasticsearch
• experience working with complex micro-services architectures and building micro-services

K Group offers the most attractive opportunities for driving forward the trading sector. You’ll be working in a key function of a leading sector company and innovate solutions for its core operations in the grocery trade, building and technical trade, and car trade.

What we offer you:
• a position in a proven, well-established team of top-performing developers, designers and POs, with clear priorities and end-to-end responsibility for the products it produces for our customers
• a seat alongside top developers from some of Helsinki’s most pre-eminent code-shops
• the opportunity to become one of the founder in-house members of the team
• the chance to take a lead role defining the technology, software architecture and DevOps methods employed by the team
• the right environment to take your skills to the next level and learn from some of the top wizards in Finland
• being part of a team that is itself one team in many, sharing knowledge, technology and ideas
• international career-path alternatives, with the opportunity to move around the organisation working for development teams in various business development areas
• a modern, brand-new office in the centre of Helsinki (Kalasatama)
• flexible working hours and a focus on getting stuff done, and done well, as part of the team
• competitive salary commensurate with experience and ability

At K Group, you get to create solutions that make people’s everyday lives easier, with the strength of data gathered from 1.5 million daily customer encounters. You’ll have your finger on the pulse of our consumer and business customers in the grocery trade, building and technical trade and car trade, and get to take part in various interesting projects.

For digital experts with their eye on the future, we offer vast amounts of data and the chance to harness their creativity to improve people’s everyday lives. Our culture encourages reinvention, experimentation, mistakes and learning.

Corporate responsibility is integrated into K Group’s day-to-day activities, and we strive to help our customers make good choices. We want to make life easier for our customers by offering them quality products and services that promote welfare. The focus of our responsibility work is on the welfare of both people and the environment.

For more information, contact Mark Hanagan, 040 755 9904. Send your application by 31 12 2021 using the link below.

At K Group, you can build a career alongside 43,000 European trading sector experts. We operate in the grocery trade, the building and technical trade, and the car trade. Independent K-retailer entrepreneurs are the heart of our operation, and inspire the mission of the whole K Group to offer good food, make everyday life easier and make the world a better place. Through strong collaboration throughout the organisation, we are able to constantly exceed our customers’ expectations in stores, online and as a B2B partner.

Full-Stack or UI Software Developer, eCom and Digital Services, for K Group

Full time

Published on 01.01.2022

Company Turnover: 
Yli 100 000 000 €

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