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Product Manager

Metsä Group leads the way in the bioeconomy. We invest in growth, developing bioproducts and a fossil free future. The raw material for our products is renewable wood from sustainably managed northern forests. We focus on the growth sectors of the forest industry: wood supply and forest services, wood products, pulp, fresh fibre paperboards, and tissue and greaseproof papers. Metsä Group's annual sales is approximately EUR 5.5 billion, and we have around 9,200 employees in 30 countries. Our international Group has its roots in the Finnish forest: our parent company is Metsäliitto Cooperative owned by 100,000 forest owners.

Group Services

Group Services employ some 600 specialists in the fields of energy, IT, law, supply, HR, communications, sustainability and finance who support Metsä Group and its Business Areas in the execution of its strategy.

Metsä Spring and Valmet have initiated a close R&D collaboration to develop a globally unique three-dimensional product family using wood fibre as raw material. The product family will, in turn, be an outcome of a ground-breaking new manufacturing technology. Hence, in context of this joint project, a greenfield demo plant has been built on Metsä Group's industrial site in Äänekoski, Finland. The manufacturing technology being developed and applied in the demo plant is based on moulding. It converts wet wood pulp competitively into various final 3D packages without any intermediate steps. In other words, the new environmentally-friendly 3D fibre products are ready to be shipped to end customers as such.

We are now looking for a


to take part in the planning, market testing and market entry work related to Metsä Spring's 3D fibre product project.

The planning and construction of the demo plant take place in 2021, whereas product development and market testing are clear focus points in 2022. Our ambition level is high and we are thus proceeding fast to get the first samples to the market. We are also gradually growing our core team as the project moves to new phases.

The demo plant will be used for the continued development of both the manufacturing technology and the 3D fibre products. If the demo plant phase validates the concept as sound, the next step would be, subject to a separate top-level decision, the construction of a first commercial factory in the following years. Such a factory would be built in Finland.

Your role in the future Metsä

In the beginning your field of responsibility will be versatile, but in short, your main goal is, from the Metsä Group perspective, to make sure that an industrially-feasible and cost-competitive 3D fibre product offering is developed in collaboration with the potential customers and our other partners.

Your main responsibility will be managing the product portfolio (offering). The rest of the team, including R&D will naturally support you. This responsibility is rather wide consisting of, among other, finding out the best markets for our product based on volume, sustainability factors, profitability, etc. For each product we need to define, for instance, the product specifications, certifications, product shapes, packaging solution and markings. We also need to set up the Product Information Management (PIM), ways to analyse product specific cost structures and develop the pricing guidelines, as well as design the relevant reporting.

The packaging market is currently in transition and following the competition, regulation and trends are thus key activities/competences of the Product Manager. In this task, you will also be leading the product launches, generation of sales argumentation and the technical support. As we are currently a small team, in the beginning your responsibilities will also include tasks in the area of marketing, sales, order delivery process and logistics. When the project evolves and team grows, your responsibility area will become more focused.

Importantly, we are looking for a person who is also able and willing to do many of the development and planning tasks herself/himself. In other words, we are looking for a hands-on Product Manager, who can articulate what success looks like for 3D fibre products, and  will turn that vision into a reality together with the rest of the team.

The position is located in Espoo or Äänekoski, Finland, but other possible locations are also negotiable.

What do we expect from you?

In this position the good level of following competences is beneficial:

  • Multitalented developer and decision maker who is also an outstanding team player
  • Effective customer work in international market, networking
  • Understanding the dynamics, customer base, end-uses and corresponding requirements of the packaging industry
  • Technical understanding of fibre-based materials like production, properties, benefits and normal testing methods
  • Understanding of manufacturing and packing processes in general
  • Mapping and understanding complex competitive, partner, and customer ecosystems
  • Understanding of logistics solutions, ICT solutions, and lean processes

Moreover you need to be able to manage large entities and learn new things quickly. You have a solid know-how base, and you also have an ability to use partners and networks in challenging situations. Your English is at a good level, Finnish is optional but beneficial. You obviously possess a relevant Master's degree or Bachelor's degree supported with relevant work experience.

Why Metsä?

We offer you a great opportunity to take part in developing the future of the forest industry. If you believe in renewal and want to promote the increased use of fossil-free materials, you're coming to the right place.

Want to hear more? Call!

Jarkko Tuominen (tel. +358 40 778 7328, is happy to tell you more about the project, its targets and your future role. Jarkko is best available on 20.10 and 26.10 at 9:00-12:00.

Apply for the job!

Submit your application using the link "Apply". Do it as soon as possible, as we will start processing the applications already during the application period. Include your CV (and also tell us your salary request). The search is open until 31.10.2021. We wish you luck!

Product Manager

Full time

Published on 01.11.2021

Company Turnover: 
Yli 100 000 000 €

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