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What is MeetingPackage?

MeetingPackage is making meeting room and event space bookings as easy as booking hotels (btw. if you didn't know majority of hotels or venues meeting rooms and event spaces you can't book online. It's all manual and offline through Request For Proposals "RFPs". If you don't believe it try to book a event space online from your favourite hotel...) This is what we are here to solve!

To achieve this we have developed 3 products that enable any hotel or venue to go from current offline processes to fully automised and digital process. Increasing revenues while reducing costs.

  • MeetingPackage Venue & Sales Management (between friends VSM) that allows venues and hotels to manage and enhance the content, inventory, pricing, business rules, connectivity/integrations and much more.

  • MeetingPackage Internet Booking Engine (between friends IBE) that allows venues and hotels to white label and implement the technology within their own website through a no-code platform or via our APIs.

  • MeetingPackage Channel Manager and Global Distribution (between friends CM) that allows hotels and venues to distribute their inventory and take control of sales through one interface to over 10 000 channels that are connected with MeetingPackage.

On top of the above we have developed our own Open MeetingPackage API (between friends OMPA) that allow marketplaces, travel agencies or any other provider to seamlessly fetch availability, content and pricing from any of our venue partners.

In short our ambition is to have more than 100 000 venues with live availability connected by 2025.

Will you help us achieve this as this will be one hell of a ride

Who are we?

We are a team of +20 team members with the ambition to become a 1 billion dollar company within the over 600 billion industry of booking offsite meeting rooms and event spaces.

Our team consists of more than 9 nationalities and we are super proud of the cultural diversity we have. We are truly a global team with a global mindset.

Hey you, who are you?

"I am a backend developer with more than 4 years of experience in building web applications / services. I call myself senior but in reality I am always learning and always aiming to grow in my line of work.

I like environments that offer me the freedom to shine through flexible working hours or remote work. In addition if in need I have an office where I can come and meet the team and my amazing colleagues. I am not afraid to take responsibility and love to solve challenges that come on my way.

I am a problem-solver and a proactive person which doesn't need tasks or tickets to make a difference.

I am a good communicator and speak and write perfectly in English."

Does the above sound like you, if yes continue reading

What will you be working on?

You will be playing a major role in our main product team by designing, developing new services and improving our existing services with a highly experienced and motivated team beside you.

 Your main responsibilities will be: 

  • Developing new features and enhancing existing core functionalities to one of the 3 products mentioned above.

  • Innovating and developing the product road map with other stakeholders of the team

  • Ensure service scalability and reliability through effective code and database design

 Stack and skills: 

  • Good communication skills in English

  • Experience of working in modern Node.js / PHP

  • Experience of working with both relational and non-relational database

  • Experience with cloud platforms

  • Experience of building RESTful API

  • Good to have some experience with at least one JavaScript framework

  • Good to have experience in node.js

  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (Git, Docker, Vagrant, Travis, AWS CodeDeploy / CodePipeline)

  • 4+ years of professional experience in engineering and working within a team on project basis or as an employee

  • SaaS product development, startup experience, or other interesting projects would be something we’re always keen to learn more about

Our benefits:

  • Competitive salary with Options

  • All necessary equipment and paid internet and phone at home

  • A great team and network to develop your skills. We want to create an environment where learning is part of our every day.

What next?

Our recruiting process is fast:

  1. Application

  2. Phone-call / Email

  3. Tech-test

  4. Virtual interview

  5. Decision

The position is to be filled as soon as possible.

If you have some additional questions, shoot us a message the way you find best!

Good luck!

Ps. In case of working remotely and outside of Helsinki capital region you will need to be able to travel to Helsinki/Espoo at minimum 2 times a year.  We want to see you ❤️

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Backend Developer


Julkaistu 06.07.2022

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