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Project Production Manager

We are looking for a Project Production Manager, who will enable a smooth production flow by steering & serving the project with good spirit, right timed information, and well-planned co-operation practices.

The Project Production Manager works as part of a four-person project management team, which is responsible for executing the project on schedule within the given cost framework. In addition to the project management team, he/she works proactively in close cooperation with the shipyard's production departments and other internal stakeholders. He /she also has a close contact to customer, the classification society and the authorities when handling the project’s production matters.

The Project Production Manager monitors the progress of production in relation to the schedule and budget, reports on the situation and, together with the line organization, ensures that the correct and sufficient production resources are continuously in use. He/She coordinates the production-related changes in the project as well as any corrective actions.

The Project Production Manager monitors the performance of the manufacturing, installations and comissioning progress and assist in the process if it is needed. The tools of the Project’s Production Manager include for example block meeting, project production meeting, certain process inspection etc. He / She will take the issues that rise in these meetings forward ensuring the successful outcome especially when there are more than one responsible party related to the issue.

While visiting the ship under construction, the Project Production Manager continuously analyzes and controls the occupational safety and health issues and contributes to building and maintaining the shipyard’s safety culture.

As you have noticed this task requires a technical education and background. You might be more or less seasoned shipbuilder, but at least some experience on the field and in project business is needed. A good knowledge of the English language (both written and oral) is necessary, Finnish is an asset when communicating with shipyard’s own personnel in production and with other stakeholders.

You will shine in this task if you have a practical, active working style and the ability to motivate both individuals and group of people. This role as project production manager in shipbuilding gives you an excellent overview of the implementation of complex projects.

The phrase: “There is no day that’s the same” – comes surely true in this role.

More information of the position: Nicklas Forsström, Project Manager tel.0503326125

If you don’t reach Nicke by phone please send a sms and he will call you back. 

Project Production Manager

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Julkaistu 12.02.2022

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