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Restaurant worker, McDonald´s Rovaniemi

We are hiring new employees to our cheerful crew. We are especially looking for employees who want to work at least three days a week.

Would you like to work in a youthful and professional group that has a great team spirit?

Interaction, teamwork and customer service skills are the most important qualities of our employees because these things create the basis for encountering the customer and creating a fun work community.

The job description of a restaurant employee is diverse. It includes customer service, kitchen work and maintaining the cleanliness. The restaurant employee enthusiastically takes on new challenges and enjoys working in varying shifts both on weekdays and on weekends.

We support our employees and enable many of them to advance in their careers to more challenging work tasks as a trainer and a supervisor.

If you feel that you are the person we are looking for, please apply the job on our webpages.

 - Friendly and cheery attitude towards hospitality
 - Independent and responsible attitude towards work
 - Hygiene passport. If you do not yet have one, you can complete it during the first 3 months of your employment
 - Ability to work over various day parts
 - At least 18 years of age

Prior work experience is not necessary. We will take care of training you the skills needed to complete your duties at a high level!

For more details: Pauli Riepula, +358406116973,

Restaurant worker, McDonald´s Rovaniemi

98100 Kemijärvi
95900 Kolari
Osa-aikainen ja tuntityö, Määräaikainen ja projektityö

Julkaistu 13.12.2021

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2 000 000 - 9 999 999 €

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