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Nexec as a company

Nexec is a customer and need oriented provider of corporate operating model development services. We mainly serve large and medium-sized companies with various projects, in which information technology – typically – plays a significant role.

We operate by building a tailored solution according to the specific needs at hand. Our solutions are based on a genuine understanding of the customer’s needs, bringing our experience with hundreds of projects to bear for the benefit of our customer.

We provide designed solutions for the purpose through projects to produce the desired outcome and benefits over the long term. We are currently working on numerous projects in close cooperation with several well-known domestic and international companies.

Nexec actively recruits experienced specialists for its network. If you are interested in being a part of our network, please visit our web page.

Nexec’s services and customers

Nexec is an ICT, process and management consultancy company that offers expert services, specialists, projects and expertise. Our customers are large companies, corporations and public sector.

Our business model is Scalable, Multi-disciplinary, Agile and Flexible

Scalable describes Nexec’s ability to offer the required number of consultants and specialists to large Programs and wide needs. Multi-disciplinary indicates that – through its network – Nexec is able to provide resources for highly specific customer needs. The principles of Agile and Flexible are reflected in the nearly instantaneous mobilization of resources and provision of services, according to the on-demand principle.

The Nexec Network

People are Nexec’s heart and main resource. Our ability to serve customers is based on our ability to find, recruit, retain and train top consultants.

Nexec is a cost-efficient and agile company operating according to genuine network model. In the Nexec community, consultants get a fair share of the value they create.

Our network mainly consists of independent professionals, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized comapnies from several different fields.

If you are interested hear more about our model, visit our web page and contact us.

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2 - 4 henkilöä
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Liikkeenjohdon konsultointipalvelut
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10 000 000 - 19 999 999 ?

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Tekniikantie 14
2150 ESPOO